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Chrissie Shaw: Links

Barking Spider Visual Theatre
Cape Otway Lightstation
This site gives a full description of the Cape otway Lightstation and the facilities it offers as a tourist destination and activity centre for visitors and schools. Cape otway Lightstation has sponsored the costs for producting the latest version of FLOTSAM & JETSAM, a play for children about lighthouse families. Cape Otway Lightstation has organised a tour of Chrissie Shaw's two lighthouse shows, the second one being THE KEEPER: a Gothic Tale of Light and Dark. THis is a gritty play about life for lighthouse keepers' wives and children, co-written and directed by Penelope Bartlau. All information about the tour can be found on the Cape Otway site.
A Bunch of Posers
BIJOU - A CABARET OF SECRETS AND SEDUCTION. An award-winning show that premiered in 2013 to full houses every night. Madame Bijou visits a Bar in Paris in 1933. She is a habituee of the bars, where she earns a crust telling bawdy stories and reading pals. This night, she catches sight of a photograph taken of her by Brassai. The shock of seeing herself as others see her, unleashes a string of stories, songs and dances, unravelling her tumultuous life backwards in time. Pianist Alan Hicks accompanies Madame Bijou (Chrissie Shaw), reacts to her tales, reads some faux symbolist poetry (very funny!) and provides support for her when she 'loses' it, helps her regain her composure! A wonderful night!
YouTube Trailer of Bijou Cabaret
A short trailer giving a taste of BIJOU - A CABARET OF SECRETS AND SEDUCTION
Bijou is on FaceBook! Follow her doings!
The Street Theatre

The Street Theatre, Childers Street, ACTON, ACT is where BIJOU will return in September.